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The Strategy First Package in combination with Build, Grow and Ignite are the two core packages that make up the Duct Tape Marketing System.  In the past, we created set retainer packages which you can find below. We created the packages to better explain exactly what a client would be receiving when signing up for a marketing retainer.  They simplified marketing and helped set expectations.

As a consultant in the network, you still have the opportunity to sell the set retainer packages if that fits your business model.  If this makes the most sense for you, the main thing we would encourage you to do is sell a client on a set retainer, however, on a quarterly basis evaluate the deliverables following the Build, Grow and Ignite model and continue to grow the retainer package as your client’s needs grow.

If you have not seen the video on “Transitioning from Strategy First into Packages” yet, here it is again.  View the video before reading through any of the old packages listed below:


**We are no longer updating the packages below, however, we included them in Duct Tape University for who consultants who prefer to focus on this package approach. If you are new to the network and decide to review the packages below, keep in mind some of the resources and partners are no longer up to date.**