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How to Use Facebook and Google Ads to Grow Your Practice and Profits Faster

Video Introduction from Ellen Jantsch

Whether you’re just testing the waters or ready to scale, figuring out how to acquire new customers on Facebook and Google is difficult. I’ve spent the past few years working with all kinds of different businesses, with small and large budgets, across a range of industries to help them figure this out.  

In this workshop, I’ll share how we’ve grown Tuff  3x faster with Facebook and Google Ads as our two core services.  

We’ll focus on three areas: 

  • How to sell Facebook and Google services to clients 
  • How to build and execute Facebook and Google accounts and campaigns 
  • How to manage client expectations for Facebook and Google Ad service 
  • Oh, and I’ll share our set of processes, templates and checklists to get you up and running faster

As a marketing consultant or business owner, you’ll come away with a step-by-step guide to create and optimize Google and Facebook campaigns on your own for clients – as well as how to deliver a great customer experience for your Google and Facebook services. 


I’ve split this workshop into two core sections. 

For the first half of the day, we will be in Ads Manager and Google Ads, going over the basics on how to setup each account, best practices for campaigns, conversion tracking, and the exact strategy (Audit < Research < Set Up < Optimize < Report) we use at Tuff. 

Then, after lunch, we’ll dig into how you can profitably manage clients when you are running their Facebook and Google ads. We’ll go through the ideal onboarding process, reporting cadence, common questions and problems, and more. You’ll be set up with a process (one we’ve shaped, battle-tested, and iterated on for the last 3 years with 50+ clients) that you can adapt and use on your own. 

Executional Expertise: How to set up accounts and run campaigns


  • Knowing why Facebook works for local
  • Navigating the Facebook Ads Manager
  • Choosing campaign objectives 
  • Building out target audiences 
  • Selecting your ad placements
  • Setting your advertising budget
  • Optimize your ad delivery
  • Confirming pixel placements and conversion tracking
  • Picking the best ad format 
  • Knowing when to update your ads 
  • Managing your ad report columns
  • Using the breakdown menu for reporting


  • Knowing why Google Ads works for 95% of businesses 
  • Navigating the Google Ads 
  • Building the right campaign structure 
  • Identity keywords and match types 
  • Configuring your settings 
  • Selecting your bids and bid strategy 
  • Setting your advertising budget
  • Optimize your campaigns with the search term report 
  • Confirming pixel placements and conversion tracking
  • Picking the best campaign type 
  • Knowing when to check on the account 
  • Managing your ad report columns
  • Using the breakdown menu for reporting

Management & Sales: How to actually be profitable with Facebook and Google Ad services

  • Onboarding new clients with Facebook and Google Ads 
  • Post-onboarding process for Facebook and Google Ads 
  • Leveraging video to help communicate with clients 
  • Email templates we use at Tuff with clients 
  • Common questions and issues from clients 
  • Reporting and check-in cadence 
  • Selling Facebook and Google ads as part of the overall marketing mix 

Tools & Templates 

  • Audit Checklist w/ Examples 
  • Audit Checklist w/ Examples 
  • Google Data Studio Report (You can copy and use) 
  • The exact strategy, links, and takeaways we use at Tuff 

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