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Training and Implementation Package Success

Thank you for completing the order form for a Training and Implementation Package.  The Duct Tape Marketing team will review your order and will be in touch with next steps.

Here are the next steps for each package:

Total Online Presence Audit

For this package, here is the Intake form.  If you would like to embed this form on your own website, please contact Tricia here and she will send you the embed code.  If you embed the form, the answers will be submitted directly to you.  Once you receive the completed form, please send to Tricia and this will kick off the 1 week of research.


Network Coaching Call

Please send the problem you would like to solve or the concept you would like to do a deep dive on to Tricia. The Duct Tape team will then be in touch to schedule the 1-hour coaching session.


Consultant Website Review

Please send your website URL to Tricia.  The Duct Tape Team will then send your video website review within 1 week.